All’s Well That Ends Well

Performed by Child’s Play NY students ages 12-16.

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – Countess of Rousillon

Helen, a poor physicians daughter, cures an ailing king, and her reward is the hand of the man she loves. When he rejects her because of her lowly status, it sets in motion an epic plot:  She embarks on a quest fulled with riddles, rings, disguises, mistaken-identity, feigned deaths, pilgrimages and even war.

Shakespeare’s perceptive take on gender, status and ultimately the redemptive power of love, make this classic play a timely one.

All’s Well That Ends Well will be performed at St. Francis College’s Maroney Theater (182 Remsen Street, 7th Floor).

Sunday, January 28th at 6:00p.


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