On Camera Audition Workshop

Has your child has expressed an interest in working in “the business” and you aren’t sure where to begin? Perhaps they have been doing some on-camera work and would like to hone their audition technique? We have developed this workshop for you!

Child’s Play NY is collaborating with Casting Director, Christina Wright to bring an on-camera workshop to kids 7-13.

The workshop is May 31 from 4p-6p at St Francis College in Brooklyn Heights.

A couple days before the workshop, you’ll see some scenes and material that you can look over with your child.

The focus of the afternoon will be 90 minute workshop wth Christina and Jocelyn followed by a 30 minute Q+A (adults only) with about the industry with Christina while the kids play acting games! During the Q+A, Erin Silber Photography will be taking headshots at a discounted rate. Kids will be sent a protected link of their on-camera scene.

The workshop is $85/child. The workshop + headshots with Erin are $135/child.


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