We take playing very seriously.

When children learn the craft of acting they cultivate self-expression, creativity, and joy!

They gain lasting friendships, confidence in their new-found skills and the ability to make a positive impact in our world.

Mini Musicals

Self-expression and artistry are the name of the game in our Mini Musical program.

Kids work in-depth on a specific show and use it’s plot as a springboard for their own mini-plays.  Through improvisation and creative movement they flex their imaginative muscles.

We then layer on theater technique: Students learn the basics of vocal warm-ups, character development, singing and choreography from our expert teachers.

The unique blend of play and performance is realized in a final “sharing” for friends and family.  Students get to showcase their abilities as young storytellers, singers and dancers!

Rapunzel & Flynn

Venture to the top of the tower with us as we get “Tangled” up in the classic Grimm fairy tale, Rapunzel! We’ll sneak into the witch’s garden to eat the forbidden flowers, practice our singing atop the tower, and adventure across the fairy tale kingdom with best friends, true loves, and trusty steeds. We learn songs from the latest film version as well as Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.”

ages 4-6

Tuesdays: April 4 – June 13


Prema Yoga, 498 Court Street in Carroll Gardens

10 sessions, $300

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NYC Kids

Come explore the Hard Knock Life with us!  We’ll play tricks on Miss Hannigan, spiffy up the Warbuck’s mansion and go on adventures in N-Y-C from laundry baskets to limousines!

Ages 4-6

Thursdays: April 6 – June 15

3:20 – 4:20

Prema Yoga, 498 Court Street in Carroll Gardens

10 sessions, $300

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Once Upon a Time

Join us as we go “Into the Woods” to reverse the curse of an enchantress, and connect the dots of our favorite fairy tales through song and dance. Singing songs as Cinderella, Jack, Rapunzel, and Little Red, we’ll work together to climb beanstalks, wear glass slippers to a ball, and adventure to grandmother’s house.

Ages 3-6

Mondays: January 9 – June 12


55 Bethune Street in the West Village

18 sessions, $594

Teen Company: The Crucible
Our teenage ensemble works on complex material and relishes a challenge.  From Greek Myths to Shakespearean Histories to classics of American Theater, we love a great play.  Students inspire each other and do work that is brave, specific and nuanced.
The Crucible - Learn More

“How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!”

– John Proctor

Salem. 1692. Women are accused of witchcraft and the town has turned on itself. The surge of mass hysteria sweeps a new nation leaving it irrevocably scarred. Religious zealots, teenage girls, a farmer and his wife are among the number whose lives are forever changed by the witch trials. Written as a response to the McCarthy era and the “naming of names” and apt in today’s times. The Teen Company’s staging of Miller’s gutting and timeless tale provides a canvas for young actors to explore detailed acting work as well as immerse themselves in the classic American drama.

Classic Ensemble runs for 14 sessions on Sundays from February 12 – June 11 from 5:35-7:05p at St Francis College in Brooklyn Heights.

Shakespeare Players

Young people become confident with Shakespeare’s world, language and characters as they learn how to interpret a role with technique and courage.  Classically trained professional actors assist the players in their physical, vocal and emotional transformations.

All Shakespeare Players teaching artists are classically trained professional actors and have performed Shakespeare both on and off Broadway and in regional theaters across the country.

In addition to core teaching staff, in Shakespeare Ensemble we introduce a roster of exciting guest teachers who will use their specific expertise (Text, Comedia dell Arte, Stage Combat) to enrich our rehearsals.



“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.”
– Hamlet

Hamlet can not rest until he avenges his father’s death. But before he does, his girlfriend will go mad, the king’s ghost will haunt the castle, actors will perform a play and there will be battles of wits and swords too. Come join the action of this sanguine, heart-wrenching and epic play.

Shakespeare Players runs for 14 sessions on Sundays

February 12 to June 11 from 4:00-5:30 at St Francis College in Brooklyn Heights.

Adventure Series

Children explore story-telling, song and creative movement in classes for the youngest of thespians.

Using their bodies, voices and minds, students re-interpret classic and contemporary children’s literature and are inspired to create their own adventures. Simple props and costumes help them bring their characters to life.

Connections are made to literature and the world around them. Classes encourage creative expression and confidence. The last day of class is open for family and friends.

Imagine That

Ages 2-3

A princess hails a cab in Brooklyn…a shark needs to visit the dentist…a superhero visits the grocery store to power-up…a pirate wants a playdate with YOU! Let your imaginations run wild when we put incredible characters into real-life scenarios.

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