In-School Residencies

Because we believe that theater is a powerful tool for education, Child’s Play NY provides residencies with a limited number of partner elementary schools. To assess the needs of the school, Jocelyn Greene will meet with a school leader and tailor a program to unite English and Social Studies curriculum with Theater.

Through the residency, students create theater pieces based on their academic studies. Our nurturing and talented teaching artists use theater to activate students’ awareness of history and literature. We align lessons with state and national standards as well as the New York City Blueprint for the Arts.

Any of our current programs we run in after-school can be turned into an in-school residency.  We also love creating new projects and connecting theater with your curriculum goals. Here is a sample of residencies we have devised:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Performance & Workshop

Trial of the Conquistadores: Historical Perspective Playwriting (The Main Street School, Irvington, New York)

Bully: The Musical (PS 3, West Village, Manhattan)

Fairy Tales Redux (The Co-op School, Brooklyn)

The Brooklyn Bridge Play (Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn)

Introducing Our New Shakespeare Workshop

We’re excited to announce our new Shakespeare workshops! Created for our community of NY-based schools, these customized workshops tie research-backed social and emotional learning competencies with meaningful Shakespeare theater events. 

Shakespeare is fantastic tool for teaching social and emotional learning. Through its complex text and conflicted characters, Shakespeare provides a rich experience for students to explore and hone their most foundational life skills: self-awareness, critical thinking, empathy, relationship-building and more.

I have participated in two incredible Child’s Play NY productions so far (Hamlet, Macbeth), both directed by Kelsey and Lauren, inspiring and supportive teachers. As soon as Hamlet was done, I begged my mom to act in another play.  Kelsey is kind, funny and informative, helping me accomplish the impossible; understanding iambic pentameter! Lauren is a brilliant soliloquy/monologue coach, suggestive and encouraging. Though having only participated in two productions, I already experienced sound transferring from the front to the back of my mouth, many different tongue twister exercises and warm-ups including “A Thing-a To Do: To Die Today!”, improv acting and examination of each character’s deepest motives, feelings and thoughts. I would definitely recommend Child’s Play NY. Thank you, Jocelyn!  


Age 12

I was nervous when I realized going to have to miss teaching my eighth grade classes for two weeks, right in the middle of our Romeo & Juliet unit. When a colleague of mine reminded me of Jocelyn Greene and the exceptional work that she had done with our afterschool program, I was elated. The preparatory meeting that we had prior to my departure assured me that not only was I putting my classes into good hands, I was likely putting them into better hands than my own. She designed thoughtful, intentional, intellectually pressing, age-appropriate, rich, detailed lesson plans that I still use to this day, and the kids never missed a beat. Her level of professionalism and commitment is unparalleled, and her positive energy is infectious.

Elissa Krebs

Head of Middle School English, Packer Collegiate Institute

Thank you for an excellent event, it was a hit! The kids really got a chance to get silly and be creative in a new way. Your instructors were wonderful and really embraced the children. I would love to do another event in the future.

Alyssa Sher

Bridge to Life


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