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We believe that through the theatrical arts, children build confidence, compassion and creativity.
In our programs, kids are empowered as they live inside of stories and characters and develop their skills as actors.
Our mission is to inspire young people to explore the creative process in order to become engaged participants in their world.

About the Founder

Jocelyn Greene founded Child’s Play NY in 2009 as a way to transform theater education in her community.  She drew from her work as a student (MFA, NYU Graduate Acting, BA, Wesleyan University), an actor (The Public Theater, NYSF), and a teacher (Will Power to Youth, Oddfellows Playhouse, Epic Theater) to develop the rigorous curriculum and imagination-based games that ignite the program today. Jocelyn and directs 100s of students each year in dozens of productions from Shakespeare to Sophocles.  

Jocelyn was raised by actor-parents in New York and Los Angeles and now lives in Brooklyn with her actor-husband and 5 year old son. She loves re-imagining fairy tales and making up new games whenever there’s a snow day.  Click here to learn more about her. 

In Service

We are extremely grateful to the communities in New York that have been supportive of our growth and believe in our potential and the power of play.


Every year we give back to the schools and organizations in the neighborhoods that we serve. Some of the schools we support through donations are: PS8, PS261, PS372, PS133, PS32, PS261, PS40, PS372, PS32 and many more.


We are proud to have a partnership with The Drama Club, a non-profit organization that brings theater classes to youth serving in detention centers. We offer an annual class at Child’s Play NY where proceeds go directly to The Drama Club to support their worthy company.


Since our inception in 2009, we have been offering scholarships to select students. Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to take part in our programming.


What Parents Say About Us

Child’s Play NY is a gem for New York City families! Jocelyn is nothing short of a genius in her capacity to unleash a child’s imagination and to develop capacities for self-confidence, social skills, and creative expression. As a parent, professional actor, and NJ licensed social worker, I highly recommend the Child’s Play NY experience for any child. Whether it’s a superheroes birthday party, a musical theater workshop, or an introduction to Shakespeare, you will be amazed by the joy your child discovers in these early artistic endeavors. Through storytelling, music, and dramatic play, Child’s Play NY promotes early literacy, empathy, and group cooperation skills that serve as a foundation for future learning. This is a must for any pre-schooler or elementary school child!

Katharine Roman

LSW Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Our son has really enjoyed the various Child’s Play programs – classes, day-long, and week-long camps. The teachers have all been wonderfully creative, connected, and inspiring. It seems like one of those programs where the theoretical/abstract side of what they’re trying to do is really working. I love the ways that imagination is integrated into games, storytelling, and art-making – he really comes away with richer, sillier (in a good way), broader ideas for how to express himself.

Cate LaFarge Summers

My oldest son was among Jocelyn’s first kids in her program and my middle son started participating not long after. They are now 11 and 7 and still eagerly participating in both after school and camp programs. I cannot say enough good things about Jocelyn and her staff as well as the whole approach to what they do. It is totally process-focused rather than performance focused. The kids are in a completely supportive environment where they learn the basics of imaginative play, learning lines (when age-appropriate), using props, learning music, and working with their peers as a group to make something special. These programs are of course an introduction to theater, which in and of itself is wonderful, but it is the even more about the exploration of their own creativity which is fostered in the most nurturing and positive way imaginable. I am so grateful for what Child’s Play NY has done for my boys and the role it plays in the Brooklyn community.

Vanessa Wise

City Center


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